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BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) KullGrill Til Salgs I Norge

THE BABE (Bad Ass Bongo Egg)
The best affordable gourmet ceramic barbecue grills in the world

The Mini Indoor Kull Grill 590 kr
Dimensions: 41×24×17CM * Place on top of your oven, turn on the fan and grill indoors!

Mini 33cm BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg). Dette er den minste i Kamado familien. Passer for 1-2 personer. Tilbud 3990 kr! If you’re constantly on the go, but want to have your trusty BABE at your side then look no further than the Mini BABE! With a cooking surface of just 102 sq. in., the Mini is not meant to cook for large groups of people. The advantage, though, is that you can take this BABE with you anywhere: camping, boating, tail-gating, or wherever you want the BBQ King Babe experience. This Babe can grill 2 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops, 1 steak, and 2 steaks. Contact us for $USD price.

Small BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) 3990 kr
Main body Diameter: 13 in/33cm * Cooking Area: 102.3 sq in /660 sq cm

Medium 46cm BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) er den perfekte størrelsen for 4-6 personer. Du kan grille 4-6 kg kjøtt eller 2 kyllinger. Tilbud 7900 kr!
If you don’t have too many mouths to feed, consider the Medium BABE. With a modest cooking space of 195 sq. in., it is plenty for a small family or couple. The Medium BABE should be able to handle most backyard get-togethers, though the addition of a Grid Extender probably wouldn’t hurt. The Medium Egg is the ultimate compromise, providing a perfect balance of cooking capacity and cost. This Medium BABA can grill one 18-pound turkey, 6 burgers, 3 whole chickens, 4 steaks, and 4 racks of ribs (vertically).  Contact us for price in $USD.

Medium BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) 7900 kr
Main body Diameter:18in/45cm * Cooking Area: 194.6 sq in /1256 sq cm

Large 53cm BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) er den ultimate i grillen for storfamilien. Med en grillflate på 53 cm, griller du fint til 6-10 personer. Du kan grille 10 kg kjøtt eller 5 hele kyllinger. Tilbud 8990 kr! The Large BABE is the most popular size of all the sizes, and for good reason. The Large BABE has a generous cooking space of 280 sq. in., enough to happily feed most families and tailgaters. This is a personal favorite of the BBQ Kings. This grill can cook 7 racks of ribs, a huge 20 pound turkey, a few dozen chicken wings, and a dozen burgers, and 8 steaks.  Contact us for prices in $USD.

Large BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) 8990 kr
Main body Diameter:21in/53cm * Cooking Area: 280 sq in /1808 sq cm

Extra Large 60cm BAKE (Bad Ass King Egg) er ideell for grillning/røyking eller stekning for 10 personer og oppover. Du kan grille 15 kilo kjøtt, ekstra store kalkuner, stora pizza. Tilbud 9,900 kr!
This is the King of them all. The Extra Large BAKE is easily big enough to feed your family, and probably a small army, with 349 sq. in. of cooking space. Add some grid extenders for even more room and you can probably start a catering business. You can cook 2 20-pound turkeys, 24 burgers, 11 whole chickens, 12 steaks or 14 racks of ribs (vertically)! Contact for price in $USD.

Extra Large BAKE (Bad Ass King Egg) 9,900 kr
Main body Diameter: 23.5in/60cm * Cooking Area: 348.6 sq in /2249 sq cm

BABE (Bad Ass BBQ Egg) & BAKE (Bad Ass King Egg)
The best affordable gourmet ceramic barbecue grills in the world!


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Gratis Kamado Pizza- og Bakestein og Chicken Stand
med kjøpet av en BABE og BAKE KullGrill! (Gjelder kun for en 45cm, 53cm og 60cm kullgrills)


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